Neural Networks can Help

Imagine you’re in the woods for a night, and all you can only eat what you find in the surrounding area. You stumble upon a patch of mushrooms. Problem solved! Not quite. For the naked eye, it’s almost impossible to tell if a shroom is safe to eat. However, with machine learning, we can create an AI to predict whether or not given mushrooms are edible. Recently, I used Tensorflow and Keras, a Python neural network (NN) library and it’s API, respectively, to develop such an algorithm. …

There’s a battle going on right now. A battle for crypto-currency superiority. The players? Bitcoin and Ethereum. The technology? blockchain. In this article, we’ll take a look at this amazing technology and compare and contrast the blockchain behemoths.

Defining Terms and Explaining Blockchain

Time for a pre-glossary (a glossary that comes before everything else) so that the rest of this article isn’t techno-babble. This will also serve the purpose of briefly explaining blockchain technology before we dive into the specifics of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and their rivalry.

What if we used 100% of the brain? Or better yet: what if we could teach computers to learn like our brains? This is the fundamental concept behind neural networks (NN), a crucial subset of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), that emulate the human brain In this article, I’ll explain the how and why behind neural networks and look at some specific applications.

Defining Terms

To discuss the very basics of neural networks, we have to define some very basic terms. I’ll explain more complex vocabulary as it becomes useful.

  • A neuron is one of the little circles in the…

This past month some colleagues and I completed a study on public opinion surrounding the possibility of the United States Government declaring a policy of No First Use (NFU) for nuclear weapons. Should America implement NFU, we would never use nuclear weapons against a state unless that state launched nuclear warheads against us.


In our study, we examined high schoolers who had very little prior knowledge on NFU. We asked subjects to rate their feeling about the declaration of this policy and how it would affect both their sense of security. We disseminated a Google form to subjects via text…

Here’s a reward. Here’s a punishment. These phrases and the broader technique that accompanies them are called reinforcement learning (RL). Computer scientists used it to program artificial intelligences (AI’s) that can beat humans at complex games like Chess and Go. In this article, I will outline some of the basics of reinforcement learning and look at its many applications.

Good AI. Bad AI. — Rewards and Punishments

At its core, reinforcement learning is about letting an AI learn from its own mistakes and successes, much like humans learn. Obviously, you can’t give an AI a carrot or admonish it with a stick. …

The idea of universal health care and care reform in general gets thrown around a lot, especially with the upcoming, historic election getting closer. I’m writing a series of two articles to try and shed light on the issue. One will make the case for Medicare for All, that and the other will talk about some reasons we should think twice. Below is the pro side, and the con side will be released soon.

Radical, dude

America needs Medicare for All (M4A). I know that statement makes some of you want to stand up and give a scathing speech on the evils…

This summer, I took the CS50 introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python course on Edx. This is a recap of two basic search algorithms I learned.

Setting the Stage

Ok, so we want to search something with an AI. But what are we searching through? Well, for the search algorithms that I will look at we search through something that can be represented with a special kind of graph that uses nodes and edges. A node is a a data point, and an edge shows how individual data points are connected.

Defining Terms

Before we can get to the algorithms themselves, let's lay out some…

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I am a 15 year old innovator at the Knowledge Society dedicated to writing in depth articles on a variety of technologies and political issues.

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